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Building Inspections/Air Monitoring/Project Monitoring

Asbestos Building Inspection/Surveys
  Churchill Environmental personnel shall inspect the referenced structure(s) for asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in compliance with the New York State Department of Labor’s (NYSDOL) asbestos regulation as it pertains to asbestos surveys (12 NYCRR Part 56, Subpart 56-5); Inspections shall be conducted by NYSDOL certified Building Inspectors.  Inspection personnel will have current certifications applicable to the work they are performing.
  Inspection shall be conducted for the purpose of identifying asbestos or ACM throughout the structure(s), provided that these materials are in areas readily and safely accessible to inspection personnel.  Inspection procedures may include the following:

  •       Review of building plans and records, if available, for references to asbestos or ACM used in construction, renovation, or repair;
  •        Determining locations of asbestos or ACM identified materials as a result of the completed inspection.
  •        Sampling of suspect material and subsequent analysis by a laboratory certified by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) using selected methodology of sampling and analysis of asbestos.

Documentation such as building plans, drawings, diagrams or previous reports related to asbestos surveys shall be made available to Churchill Environmental to assist in completion of the proposed pre-demolition asbestos inspection.

 The purpose of the inspection shall be to determine locations, attempt identification, and assess condition of the following types of installations relative to the asbestos or asbestos-containing material, as required by 12 NYCRR, Part 56, 56-1.9(c).

Surface Treatments
  • fireproofing
  • acoustical plaster
  • finish plasters
Roofing and Siding
  • felts
  • flashing
  • shingles
  • galbestos
Thermal System Insulation
  • equipment insulation
  • piping & fitting insulation
  • boiler, breaching, duct & tank insulation
  • aircell, millboard, pre-formed plaster
  • job molded plaster & fibrous glass
Other Materials
  • dust & debris
  • vinyl asbestos tile
  • ceiling tile
  • gaskets, seals & sealants
  • fire blankets
  • cementitious board
  • vibration reduction cloth
  • fire curtains
  • fire doorslaboratory tables & hoods

Air Monitoring
Air monitoring during asbestos abatement is required by law.  It must be performed by a company other than the abatement contractor.  Churchill Environmental Air Sampling Technicians provide environmental air sampling by applying proper techniques and methods.  They are trained in the following procedures:

  • Where to sample
  • Collection
  • Handling
  • Recording
  • Chain-of-custody procedures during transport of samples

 Our data is collected and a report is generated for your records.  We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable and thorough.  We understand that your operation is counting on us to be accurate and professional, and we have a long standing record of doing so.

Project Monitoring
Churchill Environmental Project Monitors serve as the on-site representatives of the building owner to oversee asbestos abatement work. The Project Monitor’s duty is to insure that work is performed in accordance with specifications and in compliance with all Federal, State and local laws. Project Monitors also perform the vital role of conducting visual inspections of asbestos projects to determine that the job has met the criteria to conduct air clearance tests.

 Our Project Monitors are committed to ensuring your project be done correctly. We realize our performance impacts the overall quality of each project.

 Project Design Services:

 Our Designers can write the specifications for all of you Abatement needs. Incidental Disturbances of Asbestos require that a NYSDOL Site-Specific Variance be applied for and approved by the NYSDOL Asbestos Control Bureau Engineering Department in Albany. We will submit the Petition, write the variance including the cleanup and design specs to fit all of your project needs.