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Health & Safety Program Development / Update
Churchill Environmental Health & Safety Consultants uses a Gap-Analyses approach for comparison of existing Health & Safety programs with regulatory required written programs and related training.
Once the analysis is completed, we supply the client with a report outlining areas requiring attention, to bring them into compliance.
Gap-Analyses includes, but are not limited to the following:

  • Review of current documents, and identification of items/areas which may require updating
  • Review of existing Hazard Communication program
  • Review of OSHA 300 forms
  • Review of training programs and related documentation
  • Review of Personal Protection Equipment programs
  • Review of Material Safety Data Sheets

Gap-analyses will also assist the Safety Director in determining which safety areas, if any, are in need of attention.

Safety Audits / Jobsite Inspections / Regulatory Compliance
Churchill Environmental Health & Safety Consultants provides a safety and compliance resource to the business owner who cannot maintain a full-time safety department.  We are committed to helping employers maintain compliance with regulatory agencies in an cost-effective manner.  We work with you to develop and strengthen existing safety programs, perform required training, and advise your company in ways to bond safety and productivity.
Safety Audits and Jobsite Inspections, performed by Churchill Environmental Health & Safety Consultants, aid employers to achieve the following goals:

  • Ensure a safe and healthful workplace
  • Meet and maintain compliance with regulatory agencies, such as OSHA, EPA, DOT, and Department of Labor
  • Make safety compliance and accident prevention affordable to any business or organization

Programs may be tailored to your specific needs.

 Regulatory Interaction
As safety representative for clients of Churchill Environmental Health & Safety Consultants, we interface with regulatory agencies whenever required.
If your company is cited for a safety violation, we will visit the issuing regulatory agency on your behalf to discuss the situation.  Through discussion, explanation of your safety program, and presentation of documents supporting your pro-active position, we will help you work toward reduction of fines and/or exclusion of the citation itself.
Site Safety Audits Help Ensure Proactive Compliance
Site safety audits help build an accident prevention culture for your organization.  Easy to follow reports become basic checklists for eliminating workplace hazards and regulatory compliance issues.  All reports are confidential and employers are requested to participate in this process.
A culture of accident prevention builds safe work habits, reduces work related injuries, and lost time while building positive relationships with the regulatory agencies.  As a result, your investment in safety becomes an investment in yourself rather than resources spent on fines, liability payments, or increased insurance premiums.

Drug Programs / Supervisor Drug Awareness

Safety Committees / Safety Leadership (Accountability, Behavioral Modifications, Self Inspections, Program Effectiveness)